Our Story

RoShunda is the founder and creator of 6 Naturals. She got into the beauty business with a dream of being a nail technician; however, she later discovered that most nail products on the market did not have the ingredients she would want to use on herself or her family. This led her to begin to do research and to look for ways to create products that were more natural.

RoShunda worked for 6 months to perfect her body cream, after she realized that there were not a lot of people doing what she was doing, nor wanted to share their secrets or recipe information. She wanted to make all kinds of products to share with the world. She truly fell in love with researching and mixing up different ingredients.

Once RoShunda was able to create products that she loved for herself and her family, she took it a step further and started a family based business. The brand 6 Naturals, is named after RoShunda’s 6 beautiful kids.

6 Naturals was created by RoShunda with a goal of providing products with natural ingredients, and that lack chemical ingredients that are typically only fillers, and not needed for products. 6 Naturals uses ingredients that make them stand out from other natural skin and body care companies, such as argon butter.

RoShunda says it best, she has created, “A safer product that I wouldn’t mind my children using, others, or myself. ‘Getting back to the natural.’”

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  • Our Quality Promise

    We spend hours upon hours researching each and every ingredient that we use in every product. Quality is not an accident. It is a conscience effort to maintain the best in our handcrafted products.