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Infused Oil

Infused Oil

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Enjoy our newest product. Choose your infused oil that can be applied to the hair, face, and body.  Or incorporate into your favorite product or make a new recipe with one of these fantastic oils.

Jasmine Flowers-Fights lice, helps with dandruff and scalp infection ,dry skin, heals follicles, locks in moisture in hair and skin, use as a pre-shampoo routine, great for curly, frizzy, thick, locs, color-treated, damaged, and permed hair.

Calendula Flowers-Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial., anti-aging. Nourish skin by locking in moisture over dry skin. Cell regeneration due to active iodine, carotene, and manganese. Fights dandruff, keeps scalp hydrated. Promotes growth and thickness of hair.

Horsetail Herb-Made from silica that closely has the make up of the proteins and minerals in horse tails for growth. Astringent and anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. Hydrates skin and decrease wrinkles. Wound healing, great for brittle nails, stimulates hair growth, collagen production, and joint relief.

Size: 3oz.

Ingredients: Jasmine infused-Rice bran oil, jojoba oil, jasmine flowers, grapeseed oil. 

Calendula infused-Rice bran oil, jojoba oil, calendula flowers, grapeseed oil.

Horsetail infused-Rice bran oil, jojoba oil, horsetail herb, grapeseed oil.


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